Boris Quétard

Position:PhD student
Address:Boris Quétard (office 401)
 LAPSCO (UMR 6024), 34 avenue Carnot, 63037 Clermont Ferrand
Phone:+33 (0)4 73 40 64 67
Supervisors:Martial Mermillod, Jean-Charles Quinton, Marie Izaute

Research topics

Vision (active, bio-inspired, saliency, human visual cognition, scene perception, eye movement guidance), anticipation, uncertainty management (fog), driving situations, psychological measures (eye tracking, MouseTracking)

Participates in

Research description

Our research concerns how bottom-up information (e.g. visual saliency) and top-down information (e.g. prior knowledge) are integrated in the human visual system and contribute to eye guidance and object recognition. More precisely, we try to enlighten how predictive information is used in degraded vision conditions, with application in the field of vision in driving condition (perception in the fog). I work in an experimental psychology perspective with a keen interest toward modeling and bio-inspired artificial vision.
The PhD thesis is part of the LabEx iMobS3 PEVMA action, in collaboration with Michèle Colomb/Frédéric Bernardin at DLCF-CETE de Lyon, and Giovanni Pezzulo at ISTC-CNR (Italy). The following pictures, taken at the DLCF-CETE de Lyon "Fog and Rain platform", illustrate the driving environment under different fog conditions (all rights reserved).

Fog at the DLCF (all rights reserved) Dense fog at the DLCF (all rights reserved)


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