Léo Lopez

Position:PhD student
Address:Léo Lopez (office 4008)
 Institut Pascal (UMR 6602 UBP/CNRS)
 24, Avenue des Landais
 63177 Aubière Cedex France
Phone:+33 (0)4 73 40 ?? ??
Supervisors:Youcef Mezouar, Jean-Charles Quinton, Giovanni Pezzulo

Research topics

Bayesian modeling, Cognitive robotics

Participates in

Research topic

Phd title: Distributed learning, uncertainty estimation and predictive control of sensorimotor systems.

The aim of my PhD is to extend distributed and predictive models for perception and sensorimotor control. The application part is about dexterous manipulation. I am interested in (machine) learning, Bayesian modeling and cognitive science.


  • Lopez, L. , Quinton, J-C. and Mezouar, Y. (2015) Dual filtering in operational and joint spaces for reaching and grasping. Cognitive processing, 16(1):293-297. (more)
  • Bourrier, Y. , Guyader, N. , Quinton, J-C. , Chauvin, A. , Vlad, R. , Lopez, L. , Guerin-Dugué, A. and Mermillod, M. (2015) Influence de la prédiction temporelle pour la reconnaissance d’expressions faciales d'émotions.. (more)
  • Lopez, L. , Quinton, J-C. and Mezouar, Y. (2015) Coupled filtering in visual and motor spaces for reaching and grasping. In International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC)., page 93. (more)