Research topics

Generally speaking, I'm interested in distributed models of life and cognition, a topic which takes different forms depending on the disciplinary perspective adopted. I usually deal with complex dynamical systems endowed with predictive capabilities, embodied in natural (human) or artificial (robotic) systems, maintaining continuous sensorimotor interactions with their environment.

I thus develop computational models, at the interface between cognitive science domains, including computer science, psychology, neuroscience and robotics.

Associated results are illustrated through my publications and the dedicated projects pages. A not-up-to-date manifesto also develops my cognitive science perspective.

Theoretical stance

  • Predictive coding
  • Interactivism
  • Enaction
  • Embodiment

Mathematical formalism

  • Complex dynamical systems
  • Topological (self-)organization
  • Dissimilarity spaces
  • Kernel methods

Experimental approach

  • Artificial sensorimotor systems (robots)
  • Dynamical measures of performance (human psychology)

Computational approach

  • Distributed anticipatory systems (multi-agent like)
  • Active perception models
  • Network based representations
  • Statistical machine learning


  • Decision-making
  • Active vision
  • Navigation/localization
  • Manipulation