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Jean-Charles QUINTONBorn November 17, 1981
51 rue des MathématiquesFrench citizenship
38041 Grenoble Cedex France 
Phone : (+33) 4 76 51 43 94 
Email : jean-charles.quinton(at)imag(dot)fr 


2015+Associate professor at UPMF / LJK
 Statistics for Life Sciences team (SVH) within the Probability & Statistics department (Grenoble, France)
2011-2015Associate professor at Polytech Clermont-Ferrand / Pascal Institute
 Modeling, Autonomy and Control in Complex Systems (MACCS) within the Image, Perception Systems and Robotics (ISPR) research group (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
2011Visiting research fellow at the ISTC-CNR (collaboration with Giovanni Pezzulo)
 Anticipatory models of visual active perception at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies - National Research Council (Rome, Italy)
2011Postdoctorate researcher at LASMEA (supervized by Youcef Mezouar)
 Distributed models for vision based robotic navigation (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
2009-2011Postdoctorate researcher at Inria/CORTEX (supervised by Bernard Girau)
 Dynamic neural fields and sensorimotor interactions (Nancy, France)
2009Research fellow at CCNR (supervised by Ezequiel DiPaolo/Luc Berthouze)
 Autonomy and distributed learning models (Center for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics - University of Sussex) (Brighton, UK)
2007Research intern at NII (supervised by Tetsunari Inamura)
 Humanoid robotics and human-robot interactions (National Institute of Informatics) (Tokyo, Japan)
2005-2009Research associate at IRIT (supervised by Jean-Christophe Buisson)
 Interactivist models of sensorimotor behaviors (Computer Science Research Institute) (Toulouse, France)


2005-2008Ph.D. in computer science and artificial intelligence
 Implicit coordination of sensorimotor interactions as a cornerstone of cognition (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France)
2004-2005M.Sc. in artificial intelligence
 Reasoning, Cooperation and Language (Université de Toulouse III, France)
2002-2005French Engineering degree in computer science and mathematics
 M.Sc. specialization in Advanced Multimedia Technologies (ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France)
1999-2002Preparation for national examination for the French Grandes Écoles
 Mathematics and Physics specialization (CPGE Fermat, Toulouse, France)


FrenchNative speaker
EnglishFluent (score of 930 at TOEIC)
GermanIntermediate (lack of practice)
JapaneseIntermediate (lack of practice)
DutchIntermediate (oral comprehension)

Research interests

ModelingPredictive coding: active perception, sensorimotor contingencies, learning of spatiotemporal regularities (with applications to object recognition, coordination and decision-making)
Computational neuroscienceDynamic Neural Field models: predictive (PNF), high dimensional, sparse (SNF) and parellel implementations, saliency maps (with applications to visual perception, attention and tracking)
PsychologyActive perception: epistemic/pragmatic actions (e.g. eye/hand movements), influence of context on categorization (embodied, individual, social) (with experiments in cognitive and social psychology)
RoboticsVisual SLAM: visual memory based navigation, probabilistic learning of topological maps (with applications to autonomous mobile vehicles)